Kotobukiya of ARTFX + (Art FX plus) series, from the Batman comic series, Red Hood appeared!

The original, the second generation Robin thing Jason Todd which is attached to the second place in the Kotobukiya commercialization hope questionnaire, and three-dimensional in NEW52! Edition costume.

Red mask and that is the origin of its name, Red Hood mark engraved on the body armor, more elbow, knee, boots accent has become become a metallic paint finish.

Posing that set up a two-akimbo, which was withdrawn from the holster, combined with slender stretch stature, it brings out his personality as unique among the family.

The square pedestal accessory series common specification, it can be fixed at the position of your favorite figure of the sole magnet.

Of sale ARTFX + series "Batman NEW52 Edition", "Nightwing NEW52", combined with "Damian Robin", please addition all means to Batman family collection.

  • Product size: Tall: 210mm / 8.26"inch 1/10
  • Meterial: ABS・PVC