Original Character "Mauve" by Yaman** is now in figure form!

Infamous Vtuber Parent Yaman**'s Chocomint themed character "Mauve" was recreated as a scale figure.

We made sure that Mauve's adorableness and plump body have been faithfully sculpted.

Interchangeable body and face parts are included so you can bathe in her adorably lewd existence.

Her pâtisserie inspired base is elegantly designed to include a variety of well-known confectioneries.

Let's not forget the cherry on top!

Her sculpt and other accessories are meticulously detailed so looking at this cutie from any angle will just soften your heart uwu. Don't forget to pre-order this cutie pie so you can gobble her all up uwu.

Clothes of the product are castoffable/removable.

Remove parts at your own risk. Some parts may be damaged during removal.