Japan Trip Update

We are so excited to be planning our next NOVA to Japan group trip! With COVID-19 we have been keeping tabs on international travel regulations in order to provide you information. As you may know, our trip was postponed from March 2021 to 2022.

At this point, it is unclear whether the travel restrictions of the pandemic will be lifted in time for March 2022, and there is a chance we will postpone again to 2023. However, we will be continuing to provide updates as the situation develops.

Here’s some more fun information on the trip:


We will be staying in Osaka again for our next trip. We chose this city because of it’s relative central location in Japan. It has a very vibrant night life, rich history, anime district, and endless entertainment!

Osaka is a 30 minute Shinkansen ride to Kyoto, the heart of Japan. In Kyoto you will find ancient energy, delicious food for any palate,  beautiful temples, and incredible scenery.

On Japan’s main island you can reach Kagoshima in just under 5 hours by Shinkansen, at the southwestern point of Japan. In just over 7 hours you can reach Aomori, at the northern point of the main island. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about must-see locations in Japan!

A few months before our departure we will be securing a place to stay in Osaka, and making firm travel announcements.


We are still accepting applications for NOVA to Japan! There is still time to join. The travel package includes the accommodations, Japan Rail (JR) Pass, and portable Wi-Fi for the duration of your stay. Travel with others to Japan, and the choice is your how you spend the rest of your stay. You can make plans with your fellow travelers or spend some solitude enjoying the sights – it’s up to you!

Check out our NOVA to Japan page for full information.

From everyone at NOVA we want to thank you for joining our trip – it is because of you that this is all possible! We can’t wait for round 2 of NOVA to Japan!