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In NOVA’s second group trip to Japan we will be staying in the central city of Osaka. This city is well known for it’s delicious food, entertainment district, and night culture. Osaka has a friendly, welcoming spirit. Just 30 minutes away by train you can visit the popular traditional Kyoto, best known for their Gion district that is home to Maiko’s and Geisha’s.

Choose from three travel duration options. NOVA will ensure that you have a flight, place to stay, transportation, and hotel accommodations upon arrival and departure.

Vacation Options

Each trip option includes a Japan Rail (JR) pass that allows you access to Japan’s rail system for efficient travelling. This includes select Shinkansen (bullet train) options. You will receive a wireless wi-fi device to allow you to connect to the internet. This will help you with your journey as you can pair your smartphone to the device and use your GPS and contact your fellow travelers. You will receive accommodations during your stay and airfare to and from Japan is also included if you are flying out of the same airport as the rest of the group. Special flight accommodations can be arranged for travelers who are meeting us from out of the province or country. You will need to budget for food, necessities, and entertainment while you are in Japan.

2024 paperwork is coming soon.

NOVA to Japan: 2024 Agreement


Travel Agreement for the trip.

Japan Rail Pass


Also referenced in Annex A of the NOVA to Japan: 2024 Agreement.

Travel and Cultural

Informational Package

Beginners guide to travelling and Japan.

14 Days (2 Weeks)

$4500a simple journey
  • This option is best suited for time or money budgets. Get away and enjoy Japan on your own terms and take in what Japan has to offer!
  • Custom payment plans are available.
  • 14 day JR Pass
  • 14 day wi-fi
  • Airfare included
  • Accommodations included
  • Short-term stay

21 Days (3 Weeks)

$4750an awesome adventure
  • Almost one month of breath taking adventures and relaxed travelling! This package is an excellent choice to explore a larger part of Japan’s beautiful culture.
  • Custom payment plans are available.
  • 21 day JR Pass
  • 21 day wi-fi
  • Airfare included
  • Accommodations included
  • Medium-term stay

42 Days (6 Weeks)

$5350the lifetime goal!
  • An ultimate getaway vacation with plenty of time to leisurely stroll through your favourite area, or action packed adventures with your new friends. Travel anywhere and meet everyone that you can. Best way to travel Japan – 85% of people chose this option in 2017!
  • Custom payment plans are available.
  • 2 x 21 day JR Passes
  • 42 day wi-fi
  • Airfare included
  • Accommodations included
  • The whole shabang!

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